Friday, November 16, 2012

The Sinner’s Sin

The Sinner’s Sin
We inherited a nature of sin; we had no choice in the matter. When you think about it this is not fair. We have all sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. We were once there and could be still dealing with sinful habits and that is the main reason we should not point the finger at any person who habitually sins. Remember that we are slaves to who we healed our members to (Romans 6:16).
Through the sacrifice of one man we can be save by faith in Jesus (Romans 5:12-17). When you think of it this is not fair either but thank God He had us on His mind when Jesus was crucified. Jesus paid a hefty price for us all. He died for His enemies because we did not know any better and that is His Grace extended towards us. We need to extend that grace today to sinners. Jesus came to fulfill the law and to give everyone access to the kingdom of God through faith. If someone did not tell us about Jesus and what He made available for us we would not have walked out of our old lifestyles.
Recently I asked a question to several people “What is Grace and what does it mean to you?’’ One person’s response reads “Grace to me is the overflowing blessings God gives to us when we do not deserve it. He continues to give me grace I know I’ll always receive it with joy for my sorrows, hope for tomorrow and strength for everything I do and go through. He will always be there with me”. So I ask the person a follow up question: “Is it difficult to extend that Grace to others?” The response was: “If you are focused on Jesus and not the person or circumstance that surrounds them or our yourself, after all we have the Holy Spirit to help us. Remain obedient & submissive to Him,” Another question could be “Why some Christians have a difficult time receiving or believing the Grace God has given us?
As a believer we are told that the just/righteous shall live by faith, walk by faith and not by sight, and renew our mind. So there is a common theme which I believe deals with something not perceived by our natural senses but with our spirit. When a person is saved only their spirit is transformed. We would love it if our occupation, social status, habits, relationships, appearance etc. changed but no. The part of us that cannot be seen with our natural eyes, that is what was instantly reborn and received the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, faithfulness, long suffering, goodness (Galation5:22).
So we need to understand who we are and what we are capable of doing so we can be effective in our daily lives. We should be witnessing to the unsaved. Things that the church (Christians) does should be centered on winning the lost for Christ and living a life of example (Ephesians 1:18-20). We will not be perfect and we will miss the make (sin) sometimes but do not let that makes you feel disqualified as a believer. Dr. Creflo Dollar asked it well in his series Righteousness vs. the Law. “When you were in the prison of sin (unsaved) did you do good deeds, did that take you out of the prison of sin? and in the prison of righteousness you sinned did that disqualify you from the prison of righteousness?” asked Dr. Dollar.
Frowning or points the finger or been disgusted with sinners’ actions is almost like having a baby and not expecting to change their diapers. We have to be compassionate, loving and extend grace to the unsaved. Remember there is amazing Grace which is renewed every day. God’s plan is still the same and will be done through willing vessels who are ready to blow God up in their lives. Remember you were once a sinner and someone minister the love of God to you the sacrifice of Jesus (Romans 2:1). Be bold, courageous and loving in the harvest field because Jesus said in (Matthew 4:19 NIV) “come follow me and I will send you to fish for people”. This is an invitation that many people will not accept, unfortunately. There is an abundance to be harvested but the word says in (Matthew 9:38) “the workers are few”. Be counted in the number of committed workers who will share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Many believers are comfortable sharing with other believers but the sinner needs to hear about how God has transformed you and He can do the same for them if they will repent, confess Jesus as Lord of their lives and get baptize (2 Corinthians 5:17).

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