Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is not to identify my political affiliation or to persuade your voting decision. I believe every person eligible should vote and do so based on their own criteria’s. What has been my main challenge with regards to politics is religious belief. Many people say a candidate’s religious belief is not a major voting criteria for them but subconsciously it is. Every person’s decision comes from their fundamental belief system which is often their faith or religious beliefs.
I have been entertained, disgruntled, taken off guard and left wondering with the way politicians’ campaigns to be elected to leadership and office of the President. Particularly the race for the Republican nominee for the upcoming general election. If I was not living in America or have basic knowledge about the political parties then I would believe that this was the general election. The way they attack each other is almost unbelievable and a little difficult for me to believe that these people are affiliated with the same political party. This exposes the internal division on both sides of the political bench. This exposes a weakness and explains why decisions in congress are always at a stall.
USA history states that the early immigrants inhabited the land to seek religious freedom and the constitution was formed based on their religious beliefs. So it is fair to say that leadership and individual decisions were made based on their faith. In today’s political landscape religion is taboo and a point nominee try to stay away from discussing. The first time I have seen so much interest on religion was in the election of President Obama. I strongly believe that in every area of politics this will become a common theme, from general to local government. The body of Christ is paying closer attention to candidates as individuals. I am not naive, my trust and neither should yours be on the office of the President or any man/woman. We are to exercise our right to select the candidate that meets our criteria’s (natural responsibility) and pray for whoever is in the office of President (spiritual responsibility) 1 Timothy 2:1-2.
The religious group that is suppressed the most is Christianity but almost every church building is a voting station, a bible is present at the swearing in if a President, Presidents first church visit after taking office is always major televised news. On the flip side decisions to follow is often made without biblical principles, church groups are constantly attacked for various reasons, the name of Jesus is not permitted to be used in public assemblies.
These are questions I have regarding political campaigning: Where did they come up with the term party? Why is so much money wasted on the party trail? Where did the term politically correct come from and what is the purpose? If these politicians have so much money to fund their campaigns why do we have so many people without homes, insurance and proper education?

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