Sunday, July 7, 2013

You have more than enough Power

In a 24 hour window I heard two different conversations and the words “satan strong” were uttered. In the first conversation I did not respond but the second time around I took the opportunity to make it clear that satan is not strong according to the Word (1John4:4). I understand that the situation, challenge and our emotions may get the better of us sometimes but try not to allow yourself to take ownership of this thought that satan has more power than you do.
As children of God and even unbelievers we have windows of opportunities to resist the devil. Think about it. Before you got saved (accepted the free gift of salvation Romans 10:8-10) we resisted the devil long enough to ask Jesus Christ to replace our old spirits with a new spirit. More than likely the day you got saved was not the first time you felt the urge to give your life to Jesus. Likewise since the time you became born again you have experienced challenges that made you felt weak and powerless. Do you remember the account of Peter walking on water until he shift his focus to the Ocean of uncertainty and not Jesus. Note Jesus’ encouragement to Peter (Matthew 14: 28-32) When Jesus told Peter to come Peter had faith then but when he shift his focus to the challenges/issues/problems/people and what is not working the way we expected then Jesus said “You of little faith. Peter had faith but when our focus shifts then our faith diminishes and we give satan an entry point into our lives.
James 4:7 God encourage us to give satan a black eye by simply resisting. Psalm also says praise the Lord at all times and we know that praise is a weapon, prayer is a weapon as well as the weapons listed in Ephesians 6:10-18. The challenge comes when we believe the tricks of satan more than the promises of God. When we allow the facts of life to over take the truth of God’s word then it appears that satan has strength but he really does not. God loves us too much to leave us powerless. The Holy Spirit is our Help in ALL things He will show us truth and that should give us comfort. I leave you with this thought: Love God, Love yourself, Love others and Live life.

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